How to write an easy song to play on guitar

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Song writing is probably the last thing a musician would have to know, so a lot of you are asking know "can i write songs after learning some guitar scales and some chords?, is song writing easy like it seems?", well i have to tell you, you don't have to be a rocket scientist or have a black belt in song writing, all you have to do is assembling some chords in a specific key and play some scales that relates these specific chord.

The most essential thing in song writing is to try giving your song the best look it could have, that means that you apply the theory and try to improvise yourself to write a unique song that attracts peoples ears.

Today we are going to write an easy song to play on guitar with some of the knowledge we've learned previously in "The major scale", "Guitar chord construction", "Build other shapes of chords", "building minor chords" and "song writing".

The goal of understanding the theory is to save a lot of time and effort and frustration, so instead of trying to know what chords would sound good together and what doesn't, the theory will get you straight to the point where you can find and play chords that sound together in a matter of minutes.

So are you ready to move from the consumer case to the producer one, make sure you follow the "Easy song to play on guitar" lesson.

Any question, you're welcome.

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