Guitar strumming for beginners

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The other thing that we've to learn after learning guitar scales and chord construction is "strumming", it a very important part of guitar learning process. Most beginner guitarists worry about learning guitar scales and theory in general and forget to learn strumming.

The action of strumming is to strike the strings up or down, so when you play a chord for example, you follow what's called "a strumming pattern or rhythm". strumming can be done with a pick or with fingers, so let's have an easy example of basic strumming:

1- Strumming down: means striking the strings down from the 1st thickest string to the last (6th) thinnest string.
2- Strumming up: means striking the strings up from the last (6th) thinnest string to the first thickest string.

A very useful method that can help you in your strumming is counting, you say this "one and two and three and four" and when you mention the number make a down stroke, the word "and" is the space between 2 down strokes.

The previous example is a very basic guitar strumming for beginners, you can choose whatever pattern of rhythm you want to play, just make sure the sound is pleasing to ears.

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