6 tips for songwriting

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Songwriting is the last step that you want to do in your music journey after learning guitar scales and chord construction, writing your own songs requires music theory understanding as well as experience, wither you want to write a rock song or a thrash metal song. Music theory will save you a lot time in your playing and songwriting, it will get you straight to the point where you'll be able to assemble notes and chords to build a harmonized piece of music.

Songwriting is a 2 part process:

1- Writing the lyrics of the song: (if it's not an instrumental song). Most musicians like to write song lyrics first in order to write the proper music that's compatible with the song lyrics theme.
2- Writing the music: That depends on the song theme itself, wither it's a sentimental song or a rage expressing song.

Because this blog is about music and guitar theory, i'm not going to enter to the details of lyrics writing, but i can assure you that a good lyrics ideas come from reading (books, article, listening to inspirational songs...etc), that's if you want your song to have a message in it.

If you want to write music, make sure you follow these 6 easy tips for songwriting:

1- The first thing that you have to do is to know what type of music you like or you want to write: (blues, rock, metal, jazz), i'm sure you're a fan of a specific type of music.

2- In general you can apply scales and chord progression principals in all genres of music, but there are some specific scales used in some specific types of music, like the usage of blues guitar scales and pentatonic guitar scales in blues and metal music...etc.

3- Any song have many parts in it, the most basic ones are (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Outro), you can add other parts like (Pre-chorus, bridge, Pre-verse) if you want your song to be more complex and complete.

4- Identify what key your song should be in, you can use one key in the entire song, or sometimes switch to other keys (but be careful!).

5- All great songs have what we call "The Hook", it is the part of the song that when you hear it, it sticks into your head and give you a good feeling of the song.

6- The last thing is to find other artists that play other instruments to help you play a complete song (with drums, bass...etc).

These are easy tips for songwriting, make sure to follow them and also that you're always learning and applying what you've learned, learning guitar scales will help you a lot in your playing and composing, so learn more scales and chords in order to write a rich songs.

Any questions, comment.

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