Building minor chords

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The concept of chords is a very powerful concept in western music, it gives songs a full sound. Chords are used in parallel with soloing in most songs. They have different shapes on the fretboard: we can play them in open position, as bar chords or sometimes power chords in rock or metal songs.

Building chords is an easy process to learn, all you have to do is follow the formula of this chord and apply it. Minor chords in contrast of major chords have a b3 instead of the 3rd of major chords, this b3 gives minor chords a very minor sound (sad and dark). Let's say that we want to play a C minor chord:

C - D - E - F - G - A - B
1    +   3    +   5
C   +   Eb  +   G


Learning different chords after learning guitar scales, gives you a lot of choices of how your music will look like, i advice you to learn as much as chords you can to make your song full and pleasing to ears.

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