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Another key factor to master guitar is to learn strumming, strumming gives a song its unique color, so make sure you learn it before you move to learning guitar scales or anything else.

Some people say that rhythm is something you have or you don't and you can't acquire it by learning, i say this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of, because every person on this planet can learn guitar including the theory behind it as he can learn anything else as well.

The key factor to learn strumming is to develop your musical ear so you can differentiate between an "Upstroke" and a "Downstroke" and when i say develop you ear, i don't mean that you have to develop a perfect pitch ear that can identifies notes by listening to them, because differentiating between an "Upstroke" and a "Downstroke" is so easy, a small child can do it.

You don't have to fret a chord if you're learning strumming, just play with open strings or mute the strings with your left hand if you pick with your right, the next thing to do is to grab a metronome if you have one (even on your computer or mobile) and set it let's say at 80 bpm. If you don't have a metronome, just count in your head.

Listening to your favorite music can develop your ear, so make sure to listen to great artists and by time you'll be able to know what they are playing and how they are strumming.

To learn strumming you have to begin with the most basic strumming patterns, read this post about "guitar strumming for beginners".

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