Why learning guitar scales is so important?

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When it comes to learning guitar scales, most beginners skip that part, because they think it's very complicated to learn it, and that's exactly what makes them remain beginners. They know how to play guitar but not why the riffs sound like this.

As every learning process that you'll come across in your life, the most certain and required thing is "Practicing", that's what makes great people "great" in every field including music. and as someone said "creativity is not a thing you born with, it's a thing that you can learn".So what really makes the difference is practicing and practicing until you master it.

Not knowing about music theory will make you always a third degree musician, that's why learning guitar scales is a necessity to every musician who have passion about music. If you learn scales you'll almost master the music theory, and you'll be able to write your own songs and enjoy more and more others songs (because you'll understand it).

Learning guitar scales process is easy if you follow the right steps, but it takes a little time to master it, when you do, it will be an unconscious process and you'll not even think about it when you're playing, you'll just improvise and play.

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