4 easy steps when learning guitar scales

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Learning guitar scales is an easy process to do especially when you follow these easy steps that i am going to teach you, make sure you follow them while learning guitar scales as i did when i learned scales.

1- Start by knowing the structure of the scale with the concept of whole and half steps, by knowing that, you can play any scale without even having to know about its intervals.

2- The second thing is to play the scale over all string, that means that you complete the scale after it reaches the octave note (play 2 octaves until the 6th string) following the same concept of the whole and half steps and playing 3 notes per string.

3- At this time you've played the scale and it took you about 2 minutes (how awesome is that!), the next think to do is trying to know the interval structure of the scale, knowing that will help you understand the theory and the application of this scale, does it have 3b or 6b...etc comparing to the major scale..

4- The last thing is to try to play the scale in every position on the neck by finding the root note all over the fretboard and start playing from there forward and backward.

If you apply these easy 4 steps when learning guitar scales, you'll be able to master any scale in a very short time.

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